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Vision 2 irrigation control and supervisory system

Utilizing the most advanced technology Goldtec is now offering you the VISION 2
It is an Internet enabled controller so the use can control everything from a PC or Smartphone.

An Irrigation control system for the 21st century

Product Description

  • Very friendly operation with large graphic LCD and wide key board
  • Highly flexible construction
  • Controlling local I/O devices AC or DC
  • Suitable for open field projects, greenhouses & commercial applications
  • Handling systems of multiple irrigation lines
  • Valves can be irrigated individually, in sequence or in groups
  • Reading number of input sensors
  • Storing a large number of programs
  • Detailed events reporting
  • Central control via PC and windows oriented software
  • Communication via the internet to PC, Tablet or Smartphone
  • Handling many fertilizers injected locally or centrally
  • Wide options of fertigation dosage modes
  • Flushing automatic filters by time or pressure differential sensor
  • Detecting and eliminating various system malfunctions
  • Irrigation by soil moisture
  • Dedicated Weather Station enabling irrigation by evapo-transpiration, rain delay function and enabling frost protection programs

Flexible hardware construction

  • Local outputs DC or AC constructed from boards of 16 outputs/ 8 inputs
  • Up to 64 outputs and 32 inputs connectable


  • Handling two types of fertilization sites, local sites which serve individual irrigation lines, and central sites that serve multiple irrigation lines (6 per line)
  • Fertilizing in three stages: pre-watering, fertigation and post- watering
  • Continuous or proportional injection specified in the following terms:
    • litres of fertilizer per each cubic meter of water
    • seconds of fert per each minute of irrigation
    • sec:min of fert per each cubic meter of water
    • litres of fert per each minute of irrigation
    • proportion calculated from the division of the fert dosage by the water dosage
    • Bulk injection specified by time
    • Bulk injection specified by volume
  • A special “water before” value for the first local fertilizer, separately from the other fertilizers
  • Handling booster pumps of Venturi injectors
  • Handling fertilizer injectors with and without fertilizer meters
  • Communication
  • New PC software, Java based-DREAM CONSOLE. Simple to use, powerful and modern.
  • Smartphone application- DREAM SPOT. From any device on any application.
  • Communication channels: 4G modem, Ethernet cable.
  • Email alarm notifications
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