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Dream 2 irrigation control and supervisory system

The DREAM 2 is the next generation of central control systems. It allows combining various technologies to suit each projects specific need.

It is an Internet enabled controller so the user can control everything from a PC or Smartphone.

The DREAM 2 can handle multiple irrigation heads allowing the user to manage medium to very large projects with many irrigation lines using a single controller


  • Handling multiple irrigation lines
  • Flexible and user changeable network definition
  • A large pool of irrigation programs, each program contains the sequence of participating valves, water and fertilizer dosage, operation timing and conditions
  • Valves can be irrigated individually or in groups defined as library groups or single use groups
  • Handling various water sources
  • Cyclical irrigation with constant cycle of days or RUN LIST based. Cycles within the irrigation day, with large number of repetitions, intervals specified in hours: minutes: seconds.
  • Irrigation by Soil Moisture, Rain Accumulation and Evapotranspiration.
  • Flushing automatic filters by time and/or by pressure differential
  • Conditions for starting, stopping, waiting and continuing programs, based on sensors’ statuses, flow rates, states of system components etc. the conditions can be combined by OR/ AND connections
  • Detailed events report with date and time stamps, can be scanned by various categories
  • System STOP TIME or individual stop time per program may force operation stop at a desired time
  • Protection and alarming mechanisms detect problems in the irrigation system, in the water supply, in the fertilization system, in the filtration, and in the control system itself
  • Optional satellite outputs and optional grouping of inputs
  • Accumulation of water and fertilizers, including special accumulation of last irrigation
  • Main valves operation- delayed, advanced or simultaneously with the irrigation valves
  • Battery backup for the memory of the variable data
  • Special tools for the dealer to enable / hide features according to the specific needs, to set up default values, to define the resources allocation
  • Flexible hardware construction
  • Local outputs DC or AC constructed from boards of 16 outputs/ 8 inputs
  • Several RTU channels of the following types:
  • 2 wired modular RTUs with up to 60 units per channel. 2,4,6,8 outputs, 4 or 8 inputs selectable per RTU
  • License exempt radio controlled modular RTUs with up to 60 units per channel. 2,4,6,8 outputs, 4 inputs selectable per RTU
  • Modules for remote expansion of I/O channels
  • Up to 1000 outputs and inputs connectable
  • Communication
  • New PC software, Java based-DREAM CONSOLE. Simple to use, powerful and modern.
  • Smartphone application- DREAM SPOT. From any device on any application.
  • Communication channels: Netstick, 4G modem, Ethernet cable, radio, cable.
  • Email alarm notifications.
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