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Filtron 1-10 AC/DC

The FILTRON 1-10 is a modular back-flushing controller for automatic filters of 1 to 10 stations.

General Features

  • Both AC and DC models available.
  • The DC model can be powered either by 6v DC or 12v DC that in turn activates 2-wired 12v DC latching solenoids.
  • The AC model contains an internal transformer that generates the 24v AC for the solenoids.
  • Pause function when the system is in low pressure or not operating.
  • Flushing cycles may be triggered either by time or by the embedded electronic DP sensor reaching the set point or by a dry contact signal from an external DP sensor.
  • Endless looping problems can be eliminated by detecting repeated consecutive cycles passing beyond a predefined limit.
  • The unit can optionally handle a Pressure-Sustaining / Main valve and an Alarm output.
  • The unit is equipped with a customized LCD display and key board.
  • The unit counts separately the number of flushing cycles triggered by either DP, by time or manual activation


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