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Smart Fertilizer Pump

The SMART FERTILIZER PUMP described here supplies a perfect solution when a wide range of adjustability, accuracy, and stability of injection are required. Being powered by a 12v rechargeable battery that may be charged from the mains, or from solar energy makes it suitable for use everywhere, even where no electricity is available.

The SMART FERTILIZER PUMP is commanded by a micro-controller that enables adjusting it to various modes of operation giving the ability of detecting, reporting and in some cases even solving alarm conditions.

The pump can be used under control of any irrigation controller receiving dry contact, AC, DC or pulse latching commands and reporting the injected volumes by self-generated pulses.

When used in the stand-alone mode predefined injection jobs may be executed including pre-watering and proportional or continuous injection of fertilizers


  • Two operation modes:
  • Slave mode- under command of an external irrigation controller.
  • Stand-alone mode- executes predefined injection programs.
  • Software adjustable injection flow rate that can be set to any value between the minimal and maximum capacity.
  • Capable of maintaining the selected flow rate within a range of ±5% of the set-point including compensation for pressure variations of ± 2bar.
  • Reporting supplied volumes by dry contact pulses, with adjustable ratio, and with symetric duty cycle.
  • Equipped with tools for easy calibration.
  • In stand-alone mode – injecting desired volumes continuously or proportionally to the water flow. Keeping track of the supplied amounts.
  • Capable of detecting air in the pipe-line and equipped with tools for automatically releasing the air from the system.
  • Selectable alarm firing events including:
  • No fertilizer
  • Air in pipe-line
  • Blocked line
  • Short circuit
  • Low battery
  • Water high/low flow
  • Out of control
  • Real time detailed status display
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