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Weather Station – Cabled and Radio

The Dream 2 WEATHER STATION allows the user to record and monitor meteorological parameters and condition the system operation on actual values.
The Dream 2 WEATHER STATION based on meteorological parameters has the ability to enable Frost Protection, Rain Delay and irrigate by Evapotranspiration.


Irrigation by Evapotranspiration:

The Evapotranspiration is calculated by the Weather Station based on the measured parameters accumulated during the last day. Each midnight the value of the day before is cleared and the new day’s value is started to be accumulated. The DREAM 2 stores the data of the Evapotranspiration of the last 16 days and uses the information for calculating the amount of water to be irrigated by the programs defined to irrigate by ET. The calculation takes into consideration, the accumulated ET since the last irrigation, multiplied by the area covered by the particular valve and by the specific factor that represents the needs of the particular crop

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