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SupPlant Growth Based Irrigation (GBI)

Growth-Based Irrigation is concerned with the effect of water on growth. You could have the exact same soil and climatic conditions in a given field, yet every kind of plant (eg. wine grape, apples, sugar cane etc) responds differently. At the same time, even with a uniform crop (eg. all sugar cane), field conditions can differ from place to place. The plants themselves also differ in their requirements, depending on where they are in their life cycles.

That’s why with SupPlant the focus is on the wellbeing of the plant. By Irrigating according to the plants needs on a 24 x 7 basis, crops grow better and produce more. The by-product of this plant-centric approach is the use of significantly less water, fertilizer and energy.

SupPlant with the combination of the Dream 2 control system on the internet closes the loop with sensors on the plants themselves for real time responsiveness to crop needs. Until now remote sensing was impractical due to the cost and complexity of continuously active sensors, data collection and large on-site storage and computing facilities. However, with recent advances in the internet, wireless sensor technology and cellular data communications, automated crop management has arrived, farmers can now simply place sensors in the field and let the plants do the talking.

Link to SupPlant video;     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYTnNu_-wHA&t=160s


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