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Oasis Irrigation Controller

The OASIS is the next generation of stand-alone DC irrigation controllers offering 24vAC or 12vDC latch output commands.

The OASIS is an Internet enabled controller, it allows the user to control everything from everywhere via the internet on any platform. (Windows, Linux, Android, iOS…)

The OASIS has Radio Remote Terminal Unit capability (RF RTU). This allows controlling small to medium size projects without wires in the field.

The OASIS is a professional feature packed controller offering the same robustness, user friendliness and low power consumption which our users have grown accustomed to for many years worldwide.

Product Description

OASIS – General Features


  • Modular structure 4, 8, 12, or 16 outputs (12vDC 2-wire latch)
  • Additional interface 8 or 16 outputs (24vAC)
  • Outputs may be configured as:
  • 0 or 1 main valve
  • 0 or 1 fertilizer injector
  • 0 to 9 filter stations
  • Irrigation valves – as many as available outputs


  • Standard inputs:
  • Water meter
  • Fertilizer meter
  • Pressure sensor
  • Differential pressure sensor
  • Optionally 1 input can be converted into a start contact


  • Water dosage either by time or by volume
  • By days of the week or by cycle of days
  • Single cycle or pulse irrigation
  • Start: by time, by start contact or manually
  • Allows irrigating valve by valve or by valve groups
  • Main valve operation can be delayed, advanced or together with the irrigation valves


  • Fertilizer dosage by time or by volume
  • Injecting fertilizer continuously or proportionally
  • Proportional fertilization modes: time/time; volume/volume; time/volume; volume/time
  • Fertilizing in three stages: pre-watering, fertigation and post- watering

Filter back flush:

  • Flushing by time, by DP or by both
  • Definable parameters: Flushing interval; Dwell time
  • Endless looping detection and prevention
  • Accumulation of flushing cycles


  • High flow, Low flow, Water leakage, Low pressure
  • Fertilizer leakage, No pulses from fertilizer meter
  • Endless looping due to DP sensor failure
  • Low battery


  • GPRS modem allows complete control from via internet
  • Email alarm notifications

RTU (remote radio unit):

  • License free
  • Up to 16 radio RTU’s
  • Single cycle or pulse irrigation
  • Range up to 3km
  • Radio RTU’s are modular allowing 1, 2, 4, 6, or 8 outputs
  • Radio RTU’s can be powered from mains 240vAC, alkaline batteries or by solar panel

Energizing options:

  • 4 x standard “D” type alkaline batteries 6vDC (Outputs 12vDC 2-wire latch)
  • Solar panel and rechargeable battery 12vDC  (Outputs 12vDC 2-wire latch)

Mains 240vAC  (24vAC outputs)

Download product specification